Digital Product Passport – A Pathway to Circularity and Sustainability in Modern Manufacturing

It is our great pleasure to present you with the new paper relevant to the Plooto project. 

The open access paper entitled Digital Product Passport: A Pathway to Circularity and Sustainability in Modern Manufacturing by Foivos Psarommatis and Gökan May explores Digital Product Passport (DPP) Systems. In particularly, bellow you can find the paper abstract as well as the link to the Sustainability Journal where it was published. 

Abstract: The primary aim of this study is to explore and understand the potential benefits and applications of the Digital Product Passport (DPP) system within the modern manufacturing industry. To achieve this, we developed a unique methodology, model, and a template for creating a DPP, identifying the key characteristics essential for effective implementation. Our approach involved an analysis of the literature and the formulation of a unified DPP framework, tailored to enhance supply chain transparency and support sustainable manufacturing practices. The empirical findings from our research demonstrate the DPP’s impact on supply chain transparency, providing crucial product lifecycle information that bolsters decision-making and facilitates optimal resource management. Additionally, our study suggests that the DPP model, when applied to sectors such as electronics manufacturing, promises transformative results. This research underpins the pivotal role of DPPs in the future of manufacturing, highlighting their potential to catalyze a shift towards greater transparency and sustainability. Actionable guidelines are provided for manufacturers considering the adoption of this innovative system.

CitationPsarommatis, F.; May, G. Digital Product Passport: A Pathway to Circularity and Sustainability in Modern Manufacturing. Sustainability 2024, 16, 396. 10.3390/su16010396