The Plooto Project Governance

The Plooto project is structured across 5 interlinked Work Packages. 

In this Work Package the generic Digital Transformation Framework for circular value chains is introduced.

In this Work Package the necessary DT modelling and orchestration services are delivered and configured to the pilot needs

In this Work Package, the product passport and certification tools are developed. Additionally, the projects’ services and tools are integrated into a holistic solution which also integrates the Balanced Scorecard for the Sustainability Assessment.

The goal of this Work Package is to demonstrate the Plooto offering. The pilots will take place in two iterations. 

The goal of this Work Package is to conduct the dissemination and communication activities of the Plooto project. Additionally in WP5 all standardization efforts of the Plooto project are conducted. Lastly in WP5 the sustainability and exploitation plan of the Plooto project will be defined.