Plooto is almost at its half point – a message from Maggioli

The Plooto project has almost reached the half point and currently we are in the implementation phase. Considering the different roles that Maggioli is covering in the project – Project Coordinator, Work Package Leader and technical provider – we are actively involved on different tasks.

As the Project Coordinator, we are closely monitoring the progress of the project, aligning the activities of different work packages and supporting partners in their day-to-day work. Moreover, since the first review is approaching, we have provided detailed guidelines to the partners on the technical and financial reporting in order to be ready for the timely submission of the Periodic Report.

From a technical standpoint, we are working closely with other technical partners on the design and implementation of several tools for the circular value chains in order to meet the pilots’ needs. One of these tools is the Sustainability Balanced Scorecard. Its purpose is to allow pilots to monitor different aspects of their organisation at once through various KPIs that they considered important in their field as well as to understand the impact that the intervention on one KPI may have on all the other considered factors. We are currently working on the root-cause model that will establish a cause-and-effect network in the pilots’ KPIs.

Another tool that Maggioli is developing is the Digital Product Passport (DPP). It enables users to share information about their products, such as information on raw material extraction, production, etc. throughout the circular value chain. We have already implemented functionalities that enable organizations to establish collaborations and share assets and resources. These features ensure an easy and effective way to manage and share product information.