Plooto plenary meeting, Barcelona 4-5 May 2023

The Plooto project partners had their scheduled Plenary meeting at Barcelona 4-5 May 2023. In the course of the plenary meeting the partners presented the evolution of the project in terms of the Plooto requirements elicitation and the business cases. The deep understanding of the pilots will help the project partners to design and develop a robust system that will help all manufacturing industries in their circularity efforts. 

In the course of the project all modules presented their approach in the cases including the Digital Twins that will be needed to suport the twinning of the overall processes and involved manufacturing entities as well as the individual components as the process modeling, the optimization the knowledge management and the overall platform architecture that will orchestrate all the sub-systems. 

Futher more a visit to the Eurecat and Celsa/Feriment facilities took place where the partners had the chance to first-handed explore the involved processes of the pilot. 

Stay tuned for more information and evolution of the Plooto project.

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